About Us

The services offered by Redserve are the development of intelligent real estate projects and the advising and representation of clients and investors. Under the motto:

We develop YOUR project

we accompany our clients through all phases of a project in order to allow them to make well-founded decisions: the project decision in the analysis phase, the investment decision in the concept phase and the construction decision in the design phase. Our support through all of these project phases provides our clients with certainty regarding location, costs, utilisation and the approvals process.

Redserve works independently and in line with the needs of its clients. Redserve acts as neither investor nor developer as a result of which it executes no projects on its own account. And furthermore, Redserve does not assume a management role in project and/or investor companies.

The success of the projects developed by Redserve is largely due to comprehensive know-how developed over many years and long-standing experience in the areas of analysis, concept development, realisation and marketing. The company works successfully in project partnerships with nationally and internationally renowned architects, leading engineers and external consultants.

Redserve places special value on both the independent and the client-oriented nature of its projects. The company’s characteristic flexibility is demonstrated by the broad range of its real estate projects from multifunctional centres in historically protected city centre settings and the revitalisation of historic buildings, shopping centres and retail parks in stand-alone locations to such special properties as airports and entertainment centres.

The real estate concepts developed by Redserve invariably demonstrate the systematic integration of aesthetics, functionality and economic solidity. Together with a particular focus on the identifiable and sustainable insertion into the network of relationships of the location.