Location Study and Market Analysis

1.Analysis of the Location and its Surroundings

  • Data collection and analysis at the macro-level
  • Data collection and analysis at the micro-level
  • Collection of the socio-economic location data (e.g. population, education and social structure)
  • Compilation of the legal framework (e.g. site and building information)
  • Compilation of the technical framework (e.g. contamination, ground condition, hydrology, emissions, archaeology)
  • Compilation of the infrastructural framework (e.g. supply and waste removal infrastructure, transport infrastructure)
  • Evaluation of the location factors using a SWOT analysis

2. Market Analysis

  • Supply side analysis (e.g. existing offer, sectoral mix, other objects currently being designed)
  • Demand side analysis (e.g. investigation of space requirements, analysis of potential, competitive intensity)
  • Trend analysis (e.g. new forms of use)
  • Investigation of the relevant price level of the local market (e.g. rents, building costs, price of land)
  • Evaluation of key data relevant to the decision-making process (e.g. purchasing power)

Output: Location and market analysis
Milestone: Client’s decision regarding continuing and deepening the process

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