Consultant Selection Procedure

1. General Service: Procedure for the Selection of Design Partners

  • Suggestion of design partners in consultation with the client
  • Briefing of the designers as a basis for their offer
  • Evaluation of offers
  • Participation in the contract award /negotiation of services
  • Drawing-up of contracts
  • Management of supplementary items
  • Invoicing of the contracts

In case of implementation of an (Invited) Ideas or Architectural Competition

2. Preparation of the Competition

  • Definition of the participants in the architectural competition:

    • Sponsor
    • Participants
    • Jury members
    • Responsible administrative and permitting authorities
  • Analysis of the object of the design
  • Definition of the design brief, the competition subject and the type of competition (ideas competition or realisation competition)
  • Choice of type of procedure (e.g. open, limited, invited competition; two-phase competition)
  • Organisation, Part A: Definition of the terms and conditions of the competition in consultation with the responsible institutions:

    • Determination of the competition participants and their qualifications
    • Selection of members of the jury in which all relevant areas of expertise, specialist professions and other relevant consultants are represented
    • Determination of the criteria for evaluation and decision-making
    • Definition of the content of the preliminary examination
    • Ordering of the preliminary examination
  • Organisation, Part B: Description of the competition brief

    • Inclusion of use, functional and spatial programme
    • Analysis and description of the competition situation
    • Production of plans and model documents
    • Compilation of competition documents (Call for Submissions, plans, models, etc.)
    • Carrying out of preliminary discussions with the jury: discussion of use/functional and spatial programme, clarification of the situation, discussion of the effects on the surroundings, clarification of the design/ building law situation, etc. (transport, historic building protection, ecology, fire protection etc.)
    • Final determination of the Call for Submissions (brief, conditions, documents, timetable)

3. Coordination of the Announcement of the Competition

  • Announcement of the competition in the official media
  • Publication in professional publications and other relevant media
  • Optional: distribution of competition documents
  • Coordination of question deadline / question colloquium
  • Processing of questions and answers as an obligatory part of the competition procedure and, if necessary, modification of or addition to the Call for Submissions
  • Organisation of the submission of competition entries

4. Coordination of the Preliminary Examination

  • Coordination of the preliminary examination of the submitted work (in case of a large number of entries, preliminary examination and judging can be in two phases)

    • Control of the timely submission of competition entries
    • Additional anonymisation of the competition entries
    • Drawing up of checklists
    • Formal preliminary examination
    • Overseeing of the professional preliminary examination in line with the requirements of the Call for Submissions and of the jury
    • Drawing up of the report of the preliminary examination as a summary of the conclusions of the preliminary examination and the comparative presentation of the competition entries for the jury.

5. Preparation of the Jury Meeting

  • Organisation of the jury meeting, formal establishment of the jury
  • Preparations for the presentation of the competition entries (hanging of the plans and display of the models, preparation of writing material (for the written evaluation of the competition entries and the minutes of the jury meeting))
  • Report of the preliminary examination
  • Recommendation to the sponsor for commissioning and further project development

6. Publication

  • Immediate notification of the authors of the selected competition entries
  • Organisation of the public exhibition of all competition entries
  • Notification of all competition participants of the place and time of the public exhibition of all competition entries
  • Preparation of the minutes of the jury meetings for all participants

7. Additional service: Development of a ‘Leading Project’

The Leading Project should act as an interface between the product concept and the basic information for the architectural competition.

  • Compilation of all output to date in an easily understandable summary
  • Preparation of the external communication
  • Staging of meetings (with statutory authorities, involved parties) in order to develop the potential parameters for the future design of the project site

    • Development and determination of the argumentation vis-à-vis involved parties (statutory authorities, neighbors)
    • Preparation of the communication documentation for meetings with responsible parties
    • Adaptation of the use concept and development study in line with all requirements
    • Periodic coordination of the modified basic parameters with the client
  • Finalizing and compilation of the basic information for the architectural competition

Output: Competition documentation
Milestone: Approval of the competition documentation by the client

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