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redserve – Real Estate Development

redserve offers services related to the development of real estate projects and plots of land. We guide clients and investors through the entire process of developing a property. Our objective is to maximise the long-term benefits for everyone involved in a project. In line with the motto

“We develop YOUR project”

we accompany you through all the phases of a project in order to enable you to make well-founded decisions. Our support throughout the development process will provide you with certainty regarding the location, cost, commercialisation and approval of your real estate project.

You want to steer the process yourselves?

redserve is your navigation tool for all phases of the real estate development process.

At every moment in the project it is you that makes the decisions. Our role is to show you the right path, with the aim of ensuring the long-term growth of the value of the property or building. Before every decision we provide you with all the necessary information and negotiate on your behalf with all participants.

To whom do we deliver our services?

redserve supports owners, companies, investors and public clients as an independent advisor and service provider. We identify the partners who are best placed to realise your real estate project in a way that is both sustainable and profitable. Benefit from the specialist knowledge and many years of experience of our experts – by working together we ensure that your real estate project achieves the desired level of success.


Developers and operators of production, retail, logistics and tourism facilities


Owners and operators of buildings, objects and properties

Public Clients

Local governments of every size, statutory authorities, non-profit developers


Builders, developers, banks, insurance companies, institutional investors

Are you unsure how to approach your project?

Here is a checklist of the biggest mistakes that you must avoid making when developing a building or property.

What is the end product of the real estate development process?

Our work results in a concept with high expectations of profitability for all participants and the definition of a high order quality that leaves no questions open.

We provide you with all the elements on the basis of which the architect and builder must make well-founded offers that rule out both major cost overruns and other surprises. redserve represents the client vis-à-vis the architect and other planners in all specialist real estate matters and reconciles the interests of users, investors and owners.

What does a concrete project look like?

The development of projects & properties

We carry out a complete and comprehensive analysis of your property on the basis of which we draw up a concrete project development strategy. Our work maximises the growth in value of your investment in the light of the location and the criteria that influence your project and in line with your own personal objectives. You define when and how intensively you participate in the process – and it is you alone that takes the decisions.

Commercialisation management

We draw up a tailor-made commercialisation strategy for your building and manage the marketing process on your behalf until it has been successfully completed. Regardless of whether it is a residential, hotel, office, commercial, industrial or mixed-use property, we take care of the necessary documents and talk to investors and/or tenants and purchasers in order to maximise your return.

Support throughout
design and execution

We accompany your real estate project from the first idea to the operational handover or commercialisation so that you can concentrate on your core business. As the owner’s representative we take care of controlling timetable, cost and quality and ensure that the defined project objectives are met. We coordinate and manage all processes from design and implementation to commercialisation in order to ensure the success of your project.

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Why is an objective and neutral appraisal so important?

redserve is not a developer. We see ourselves as our clients’ trustee. When the real estate development process is complete they can choose their own architects and builders and are not obliged to work with our partners. This means that it is possible to choose the best planning partners for each project, free of any outside pressure. We clarify all necessary matters objectively, optimise the parameters and provide you with neutral recommendations for action based on the following considerations: