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A modern Business and Technology Park for the Community of Kematen

The innovative design concept that underlies the project developed by redserve for the Business and Technology Park (GTP) Kematen demonstrates that it is possible to create large units for logistics, commercial and industrial users while only covering a small site area.

The base to the building consists of a continuous, naturally lit, ground-level logistics and/or production area. The fact that vehicles with a total weight of up to 24 tons can drive on the roof of this building creates an additional, fully-fledged “business city”.

Hence, the integrated planning and architectural principle of GTP Kematen makes highly economical use of the valuable resource of building land and ensures that the development has a small-scale appearance and impact on the landscape, despite its high built density.

The flexible modular system enables us to adapt the units to the desires and needs of individual users and forms the basis for an attractive sectoral mix. Every requirement that conforms to the defined possibilities offered by the local zoning concept can be realised.


GTP Kematen
Location: Kematen in Tyrol, Austria
93.784 m² GFA
Zeitraum: 2016 – 2020


M1: Location Study and Market Analysis
M3: Product Concept
M4: Masterplanning
M10: Sales