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Business Park in view of Zahmer Kaiser

redserve developed the Kaiserreich Kiefersfelden project for the Unterberger Group on a site that is clearly visible from the region’s most important north-south transport axis.

Kaiserreich Kiefersfelden, an innovative form of business park comprising production, commercial and office buildings and the so-called Genusswelt –the ‘world of taste’ – with its wide range of attractions for both tourists and locals, is being built on a site of over 40,000 m². In addition to a number of other buildings, the “Kaiserreich Kiefersfelden” will also include a 200-bed, three-star hotel in an appropriate architectural style.

redserve worked together with ATP to develop a holistic product and planning concept with a total gross floor area of around 30,000 m², which will be realised over the course of the next few years. Building work started in summer 2019 and the complex should be completed by 2030 at the latest.

redserve is responsible for both the development process for the site and the implementation of the project in close cooperation with ATP.


Kaiserreich Kiefersfelden
Location: Kiefersfelden, Germany
Approx. 30,000
Project Duration: 2015 – 2020


M2: Pre-Feasibility-Study
M3: Product Concept
M6: Owners Advisory 
M10: Sales