Redserve GmbH | Heiliggeiststrasse 16 | 6010 Innsbruck | Austria

Shopping, Social- and Care Center, Residential, Work and Tourism

redserve  developed the project “Am Schmiede Platz”, which will sustainably influence the appearance of the village and the life of its residents, for the traditional Zillertal company Empl

The site of the project is notable for its central location in Kaltenbach and for the special development opportunities that this presented for both the local community and the wider Zillertal Region.

The objective was to create a new village centre that would play an important role for the entire region. The focal elements were shopping, a social and medical centre, residential and office accommodation and tourist facilities. The concept was rounded off by a number of gastronomic options. The newly created public spaces and passageways represented a long-term boost to the heart of Kaltenbach.

The modern complex is now a meeting place for young and old and a pleasant living, leisure and working environment for Kaltenbach’s residents and Visitors.


Multifunctional Village Center Kaltenbach/Zillertal

6,900 m² Site Area

8,600 m² GFA + Underground


Project Duration: 2013 – 2015


M1: Location Study and Market Analysis
M2: Pre-Feasibility-Study
M3: Product Concept
M4: Masterplanning
M5: Design Management
M7: Consultant Selection Procedure
M8: Execution Management
M9: Owners Advisory