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Development of the newly vacant Post Office Distribution Center

The focuses of the project for the development of the newly vacant post office distribution centre at Linz Central Station were the excellent accessibility combined with the convenient location close to not only downtown Linz but also the leisure areas of Froschberg and Gugl

These advantages were particularly beneficial to the following key uses:

  • Residential
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Care home
  • Hotel

Special attention was paid to the physical and emotional integration with the existing urban structure, a high-quality relationship with the surrounding buildings and the excellence of the architectural implementation.

The basic structure for the new quarter was defined by a ‘model project’ developed by redserve before the organisation of an architecture competition enabled the highest quality and most attractive and functionally appealing urban design variants to be identified.


Post City – Innerstädtische Entwicklung in Linz
Location: Linz, Austria
35.000 m² Site Area | 120.000 m² GFA
Project Duration: 2013 – 2018


M1: Location Study and Market Analysis
M2: Pre-Feasibility-Study
M3: Product Concept
M5: Design Management
M6: Owners Advisory
M7: Consultant Selection Procedure